Swingaling Tattoo

I'm Barbara Swingaling,a female tattoo artist who works in Amsterdam & lives in Antwerp.This blog is about the tattoos I make & where I get the inspiration from.It starts with: "DEAR TATTOO DIARY, TODAY..."(For info & appointments you can send me an e-mail at babalouta2@yahoo.com or visit my website www.swingalingtattoo.

in progress..
Cynthia and her animal totem..
Gabrielle’s jacobean-paisley inspired heart is done..
Buddha & orchids…Barbara Swingaling
Barbara Swingaling
I can’t get rid off Mister Pencil HastodrawitAll..
was a first attempt to design something matching the book title: “Het grote verdwijnen..”
I thought we would’ve finished Waldo’s paisley inspired tribal arm..but we need one more session (Ihope..)In progress!
(The Bouncing Wall -Autolux) (changed “cold” in “con”..)
a mix of flowers on Mattijs ‘arm..