Swingaling Tattoo

I'm Barbara Swingaling,a female tattoo artist who works in Amsterdam & lives in Antwerp.This blog is about the tattoos I make & where I get the inspiration from.It starts with: "DEAR TATTOO DIARY, TODAY..."(For info & appointments you can send me an e-mail at babalouta2@yahoo.com or visit my website www.swingalingtattoo.

Started  the outlines of two very exciting tattoos!
more flower power!
Stella’s henna bird tattoo on her leg is as good as done..
Jacobean paisley goes botanical: monarda didyma (bee balm) & eucalyptus!
Pattern leaves and rowan berries..
a paisley-inspired colorful bird..
Devil bye-bye..
covered-up a 10cm kanji with passiflora.