Swingaling Tattoo

I'm Barbara Swingaling,a female tattoo artist who works in Amsterdam & lives in Antwerp.This blog is about the tattoos I make & where I get the inspiration from.It starts with: "DEAR TATTOO DIARY, TODAY..."(For info & appointments you can send me an e-mail at babalouta2@yahoo.com or visit my website www.swingalingtattoo.

Sabrina’s first henna mandala tattoo.
I tried to be 1 with my pencils and let my thoughts go…☺️ Therefore this drawing is called: “Try-out consciousness 1”…😊
part 1 of colouring Katie’s arm- botanical vintage fauna flora..

As from yesterday,I’m also on Instagram: www.instagram.com/barbaraswingaling_tattoos

more Henna-Paisley: flower and hummingbirds.
I added a Jacobean inspired colourful flower to an older little black heart.
both feet of Cedrin are now adorned with henna inspired patterns.
we (that’s Sorcha & me) covered an old tribal with magnolia and cherry blossoms (+some “swingalingflowers”:) ).